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So why would anyone buy YouTube Views or Ratings? Once you upload a video to YouTube, it is quite natural to have a very low number of views and ratings that were most likely added by people you know (or possibly even by yourself). What this means is that your video will most likely be ranked poorly by Youtube and in turn make it difficult for the average user to discover your video. We even have an option to let us create your page for you! See which of our plan below suits your needs.

By using Icene's YouTube Marketing service, your video will appear on the top pages of relevant searches, making your video visible to many users whom are genuinely interested in your videos and therefore increasing your popularity.

If you’re a musician trying to be discovered, a marketing manager trying to promote a product or a businessman trying to impress his clients, either way, our service will get you these results fast!

YouTube video views are also a good way of promoting your business. That can have a variety of things with respect to the business and help in leading the right audience to the website. We can also leave a link to Facebook Fan page to give more detailed information about the product and services. Business providers can also check out our Facebook Marketing to get the popularity and more viewers.

Personal Business Corporate
5,000 YouTube Views 10,000 YouTube Views 20,000 YouTube Views

Video Subscribers

Video Subscribers

Video Subscribers
50 Video Likes 75 Video Likes 100 Video Likes
20 Video Favorites 40 Video Favorites 60 Video Favorites
Worldwide Targeting Worldwide Targeting Worldwide Targeting
1-2 Days Delivery Time 2-3 Days Delivery Time 3-4 Days Delivery Time
Money Back Guarantee Money Back Guarantee Money Back Guarantee
$50 *one-time fee $90 *one-time fee $170 *one-time fee
Buy Now! Buy Now! Buy Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide you with my YouTube password and username?


How long will it be before I will see an increase in my YouTube video views?

Although your video will begin accumulating views within 12 hours, YouTube updates it's stats at a slower pace. Because of this, you will actually see an increase in your video views within 12 - 72 hours.

Are the views real or done by bots/scripts?

All the views you get on your videos or channel are 100% real people, no bots.

My views seem to be frozen at a certain number?

YouTube automatically stops counting views when the video reaches 300, because during that time their system always checks if the views are real or done by a bot. This should only last a few hours or maximum 1 day. However, the views will still continue on counting and you will see them when the counter will unfreeze.

This happens to every YouTuber including all partners.

Do you have a reseller or affiliate offer?

Yes we do offer reseller opportunities. Just contact us through and let us know. We will offer you discounts if you have already purchased a lot of views/other services or have orders lined up.

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