Search Engines today drive more than 85% of Internet traffic. Thus, if your website is not listed well on search engines for the right keywords, your competitors are making money.

It is very important for a website to have an effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan in order to position the website well. We propose utilizing website page optimization, relevant inbound link building, and press releases to increase your website search engine visibility and rankings.

SEO Services from Icene can help you reach a highly motivated target audience (proactive audience) through natural search engine rankings. A proactive audience increases website conversion rate resulting in a positive ROI.

SEO Site Report

Search engines such as Google consider over 200 factors in ranking web pages. Is your site optimized properly for attracting the most qualified visitors through organic search? From technical optimization to content to links, an SEO Report gives you a detailed snapshot in time of how your site is faring in the search engines.

Do you ever wonder...

  • Am I missing out on important opportunities for online exposure?
  • Are high search volume keywords implemented correctly into my site?
  • Am I unknowingly doing anything that could negatively affect my site in the search engines?
  • Are the technical aspects of my site in line with SEO best practices?
  • A SEO Report can answer these questions and more to put your online store on track for search engine success.

With a SEO Report from Icene, you get:

  • A comprehensive and educational report tailored for the unique needs of your website.
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of complex SEO topics as they relate to your website.
  • Prioritized recommendations from our SEO experts.
  • A technical analysis to identify potential search engine barriers or opportunities for improvement.

Whether you plan to optimize your site in-house or sign up for SEO services from Icene, a SEO Report is an excellent educational tool to help you understand not only what the experts recommend for your website, but why.

Search Engine Submission

You’ve got better things to do than submit your website to hundreds of search engines individually! Instead of wasting valuable time on tedious submissions, let Icene's automated search engine submission process do it for you in a fraction of the time. Simply complete the order form for Icene's site submission in a few easy steps, and you're on your way to search engine success.

Amongst search engines, Google is the undoubted king: Google powers 65.7% of all searches in the United States (The Nielsen Company, Mar 2010). Inclusion in Google also means that your website will be included in results from AOL Search, Netscape Search, Lycos and many more.

But you should also make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. That’s why our Search Engine Submission also submits your URLs to Google and over 300 other search engines and directories, including AllTheWeb, Jayde, ScrubTheWeb, Abacho, Aeiwi, ExactSeek, Mirago, Search It, Sympatico, Web Trawler and many more. Search engines are quirky and may drop your website from their index. We recommend you resubmit your URLs regularly. This is why you have the option to repeat this search engine site submission service when you feel necessary.