SSL Certificates / Safety First, Always.

If your website handles sensitive or private information (such as customer contact details), or you just want to add an extra layer of security to protect from hackers, you can have an SSL certificate installed for your domain name. This allows for website activity to be encrypted so that nobody can 'listen in' to data transferred to and from your website.

With an SSL certificate installed, you can access your site over httpss - and the user's browser displays a padlock icon to indicate that the data cannot be intercepted. Running over SSL does make your website a little slower though, as the data has to be encrypted and decrypted at each end.

We are able to supply you with a low-cost SSL certificates from GeoTrust (recognised by virtually all browsers), and install it on your hosting account with us. If you have a hosting account with another company, you can also purchase an SSL certificate from us (providing you can supply a 'Certificate Signing Request', and are able to receive e-mail to the domain in question).

Included Features

Fully Integrated to cPanel

You can easily allow and disallow users, based on your existing hosting package using WHM Feature Manager or RVSkin Feature Manager (if applicable).

Customizable Templates

You can choose one of our 400 web site templates to build your online web presence. Once you complete the easy web site wizard, you will end up with a complete web site looking like one of the web sites below. The templates are completely customizable, too.

Everything, right down to the smallest detail, can be completely controlled by you, giving you the ability to have a unique website. You can even create your own unique templates for your customers if you are reselling the service.

Multi-Lingual Support

You can easily create your website in any language, with the exception of right-to-left langauges such as Arablic, which are not supported yet.